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Use Cases

Our goal with X1 is to enable you in providing real-time avatars for your users. Under any usecase you concieve!

Here are some examples.

24x7 Helpdesk with a Human Touch.

Enable empathetic always on helpers for your product, whether its digital or physical.

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Futuristic Sales and Marketing

Captivate your leads, both high-touch and low-touch, from initial explorations to compelling product demos, and everything in between.

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Product Discovery in the GenAI Era

Ensure that your audience can discover everything about you and your product, with all their questions answered when their interest is at its peak. By minimizing their uncertainty and frustration, you'll gain customers for life!

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Elevate Your Social Media Presence

Oh yeah, it’s that good! X1 enables amazing interactions with your digital entities and builds that human connection thats just not possible with other technologies.

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