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Introducing X1

Our xpressive toolkit X1 generates realistic avatars that incorporate authentic facial movements and expressions perfectly synchronized with audio and text inputs. And does this in real-time!

Through our API, you can leverage state-of-the-art generated videos for a variety of next-generation usecases.


  • No pre-made scripts needed and pre-recorded videos.
  • X1 interactions are natural language agnostic (bring your own language!)
  • No need to struggle with dubbing and lip-syncing challenges. Our simple API takes care of these usecases!
  • X1 understands emotions during interactions.

How X1 API works

  • Send an authenticated request containing a text or an audio to our managed endpoint. Thats it!
  • X1 handles video streaming and infrastructure complexity for you behind the scenes.
  • X1 handles security, privacy, scale and reliability.
  • X1 has stock avatars that are ready to be use from day 0.